About Us

Hammer Books is a Denver-based family business, selling books online, as well as locally through Printed Page Bookshop. We feel honored to say that 2014 marks our 12th year in business.

Our specialties are textbooks, educational, technical and research titles; general nonfiction; hobby/specialty books; literature; other modern genres; and current and vintage books about Colorado and western history.

Hammer Books buys books from students, individuals, teachers, families, libraries, estates and organizations. We take donations from those wanting to “recycle” books they no longer want or need. We’ll find them new homes! Books we can’t sell are donated. We have partners in Denver’s estate book market for selling your antique, rare and collectible books. We strive to earn your trust.

Most importantly, we LOVE books. They are more than just a commodity to us. They define lives and create futures. We’ll help you keep books in circulation and pass on knowledge.

John and Dianne Hammer
(303) 229-9508

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