Sell Your Books

We would love to hear from you.  Call or email to tell us about the books you would like to sell, where you are located and the best way and the best times to reach you.

When emailing, please include:

  • a sample of the genres and titles you have, including ISBN numbers when applicable;
  • information about the condition of the books; and
  • approximately how many books you have for sale.
  • Be sure also to mention any special considerations, needs and/or logistical concerns we should know about.

ISBN numbers have been assigned to books published since the early 1970s.  Including the ISBN numbers for the books is helpful because sometimes titles have had different printings or editions, and the numbers will help us identify which exact books you have.

For textbooks, please include the title, ISBN number, publication year, and the book condition (clean/dirty, highlighting/marks, or clean text, etc.) for the books.

  • You can find the ISBN number on a book’s copyright page in either
    • a 10-digit (0-12345-678-9) format; or
    • a 13-digit (978-1-2345-6789-0) format.
  • Please include the ISBN number for the exact edition you have (for example, hard cover or paperback). It doesn’t matter whether you give us the 10-digit or 13-digit number.
  • You can also find the ISBN number above the bar code on the back cover.


Once we have the information on your books, we can gauge whether these are books we’d like to buy and then give you a quote (for a small purchase) or make arrangements to meet you and look at the books in person.  We can buy books individually or as a lot, depending on your needs and the quantity of the books you have.
(303) 229-9508